Monday, August 1, 2016

My Short Short for the Day

All the Theos turned out for our wedding.  Such a joyous occasion had not taken place in so long, everyone was ready to celebrate and my mother did not disappoint.  She planned the most amazing wedding.  I couldn’t find fault with anything.  I glowed with joy and pride, holding tight to Dynatos’ hand and smiling more than I ever thought possible.  We danced for hours, laughing, drinking, talking until I was floating on air.  I had to rest but I didn’t want to.  I wanted to keep dancing and laughing, I wanted the evening to last for eternity.  Eventually the guests left, though, and my parents said their goodnights.  Dynatos smiled down at me before sweeping me up into his arms and carrying me to our room.  My imagination was no match for the beauty that awaited me.  Dynatos was so gentle and confident, leading me into a whirlwind of passion.  A night I will never forget.

But time did pass, in spite of my efforts to hold on to those precious moments.  I was replaced as messenger, but I didn’t mind.  Dynatos was my life now.  Since the war had ended, Dynatos had been busy working his way up through the ranks of the Elders.  And Father was grooming him to one day soon, take his place.  I devoted every moment to making his life as wonderful as I could, giving him everything I had.  I didn’t think I could ever be happier until the day I had longed for since our wedding had finally arrived.  I was pregnant.  I rushed downstairs, eager to share the good news with Dynatos when I stopped short.  I heard Dynatos’ voice coming from down the hall.  I slowed and carefully peeked around the corner to see Dynatos and Father walking into Father’s study.  I eased up to the door and listened. 

“But you both look so happy.”  Father said.  “How could it be a mistake?”

“My heart still belongs to Iremia.”  Dynatos replied. 

“She betrayed you.  She does not deserve your loyalty.”  Father stated with an edge.

“I know and I’ve tried to forget her, but I can’t.”  Dynatos said.  “My heart will always be with her.”

There was a long pause and I held my breath.  I wanted to scream.  My emotions swelled and crashed with each passing second. 

“Daimonas honors and obeys you unfailingly.”  Father spoke softly.  “She is very much in love with you Dynatos.”

 “Yes, I know.”  Dynatos said.  “And for that I pity her.”

“The Theos will have much more confidence in a leader with a family.  If leadership is still your ambition.”  Father paused.  “Then it’s settled.  There will be no more talk of this.  Daimonas need never know.”

The sound of a chair scraping on the floor snapped me out of my trance.  I rushed down the hall and outside into the garden.  I kept running until I reached the forest and my breathing turned to ragged gasps.  Then I slumped to the ground and cried, shaking with every sob. 

Several days later the Theos were ushered into the arena where they announced the formation of the new counsel and Dynatos as the leader.  In spite of my tortured soul I still felt proud of being married to the first leader of the counsel.

I hid the pregnancy for a few months until my stomach started to bulge.  Dynatos’ eyes lit up when I told him.

“Are you sure?”  He asked.

“Yes.”  I replied touching my stomach gently.

Several months later a boy was born.  Dynatos held him high in honor and smiled proudly at the loud wail his son let out before gently placing him in my arms.  I hugged him close as Dynatos touched my cheek with affection.

“We shall name him Thymos.”  He said.

I smiled in agreement.  Then a tear trickled down my cheek as his voice faded and all I could hear was the haunting echo…”for that I pity her.”

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